Top 7 Must-Have Japanese Resources

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mockupHey guys!

I’ve been thinking about my Japanese journey – from the time where I could not speak a single word and had nothing but my curiosity; until now where I don’t really break a sweat during a conversation (unless they want me to explain a Czech joke LOL).

There were quite a few books I went through, and quite a few courses I signed up for. Some worked for me more, some less.

I realized that back when I started I did not know anybody who could recommend anything to me, and I would have loved knowing what courses are good and which books are a waste of time.

So I figured I should put together a quick summary of the some of the stuff I went through and would recommend to others.

This includes audio courses, books, online dictionaries, and software…everything that helped me to get where I am now. Some of them are available for free, some are not.

For each one I explain the pros and cons.

Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these, so I’m not recommending these because somebody pays me to. Just sharing my personal first hand experience about the books and courses I went through. Meaning it’s 100% honest!

If you do decide to pick one up: pretty much all of the paid ones are available on Amazon!

So please go on ahead and download your copy of “Top 7 Best Japanese Language Resources” by clicking the link bellow:


Hope you guys will find this useful and that it helps somebody in their struggle!