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Senpai vs Sempai | Sound Changes in Japanese


Hey guys! This week I remembered when I was a beginner and there was this one thing I was confused about for years. Back then I didn't know anybody I could ask about this and my audio courses did not cover this. It is about changes in pronunciation of 'n' to 'm'. Watch this video explaining what I mean - hope it makes sense! Feel free to post any questions you may have! If you've found the video useful please like it on YouTube or become a subscriber for more! It helps a lot, thanks! All the best -R [...]

Senpai vs Sempai | Sound Changes in Japanese2018-07-17T11:58:41+00:00

Nihon VS Nippon | What is the difference? | Japanese Word Choice


Hey gang! As somebody who studies foreign languages I realize that often you encounter words of similar if not the same meaning. Sometimes the difference is more clear, sometimes less. This week I decided to make a video on the words Nihon and Nippon. Both of these words translate as "Japan" and use the same Kanji 日本. In most conversations / textbooks / etc. you'll often see Nihon. But maybe for instance the Japanese money has Nippon printed on it....huh? Why not Nihon? That's what this weeks video is about. Check it out, hope you'll find it useful! :) Please [...]

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