Top 10 Japanese Gestures


How's it going guys! Got a new one for you! Sorry the uploads have been slow lately. Our hands are full making our next Japanese language course and just want to get it done and have it out there! Until then we'll be continuing uploading / posting bi-weekly. In this video, as the headline says, we'll be uploading our Top 10 Japanese Gestures. Typical "Japanese" stuff you can see in real life. If you're in Japan I guess :D Let us know in the comments bellow what would you like to see next time! Please support us by liking and [...]

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Osaka Namba Tour With Riko-chan | Riko-chan Adventure Time


Hey guys we're back with more! This time Riko-chan will give you a little tour around Osaka's downtown area - Nanba (also spelled as Namba). Osaka is the second biggest city in Japan. Riko-chan will show you some of the major tourists hotspots and also a few hidden back-alley secrets you probably won't find in a guidebook. Let us know if you like the video and we'll make more! So leave a like on YouTube, comment, subscribe! You know what to do :) Thanks for the support! Have a great one! -R

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Osaka’s Owl Cafe | 大阪のふくろう カフェ


Osaka's Owl Cafe, 2014. I was here with Riko-chan actually. I don't remember the price (maybe 1000 yen?), you pay for one hour. You'll get one free drink and then you get to touch the owls. Turns out you can only touch their beaks! If were to touch their feathers those feathers would stop to grow apparently. That makes touching their wings a big no-no. You CAN touch their heads though. Still you should exercise caution as some bite! I hear it's not very happy fun time to get bitten! If you do get to go to Japan, visit one [...]

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