Japanese Golden Week | With Riko-chan!


Hey guys! It's been a while since our last video, we've been really busy with our latest Japanese course, which should go live any moment now ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ I'll make another video just about the course. In this week's video we have a Japanese holiday, the Golden Week! Riko-chan will explain more in the video! So go on ahead and check it out!! Let us know what would you like to see in the future videos in the comment section bellow! We'll read it ;) お元気で! -R

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Top 10 Japanese Gestures


How's it going guys! Got a new one for you! Sorry the uploads have been slow lately. Our hands are full making our next Japanese language course and just want to get it done and have it out there! Until then we'll be continuing uploading / posting bi-weekly. In this video, as the headline says, we'll be uploading our Top 10 Japanese Gestures. Typical "Japanese" stuff you can see in real life. If you're in Japan I guess :D Let us know in the comments bellow what would you like to see next time! Please support us by liking and [...]

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Nihon VS Nippon | What is the difference? | Japanese Word Choice


Hey gang! As somebody who studies foreign languages I realize that often you encounter words of similar if not the same meaning. Sometimes the difference is more clear, sometimes less. This week I decided to make a video on the words Nihon and Nippon. Both of these words translate as "Japan" and use the same Kanji 日本. In most conversations / textbooks / etc. you'll often see Nihon. But maybe for instance the Japanese money has Nippon printed on it....huh? Why not Nihon? That's what this weeks video is about. Check it out, hope you'll find it useful! :) Please [...]

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Rikochan Adventure Time | The “Bad Luck Removal” Festival in Japan 2016


Hey there! Our Rikochan went to a festival in nearby town - near Kyoto: Google Maps Link It was super cold, but Rikochan did not give up and brought us a bunch of photos and videos. I've compiled these into a one video I like to call "Rikochan Adventure Time"; hopefully this is just the first episode in many :) For more information about this Japanese festival: http://www.iwashimizu.or.jp/kito/yakuyoke.html It's all in Japanese though! Don't worry, I plan to add a translation here in description soon! Enjoy and share the love! -R

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