Skillshare deleted my account…

Hello to any of my skillshare students who read this!

As of midnight 11/02/2018 Skillshare deleted my account.

I only got this explanation:

Hello Richard –

This is Skillshare’s Trust & Safety Team.

Unfortunately, because we have found evidence of the behaviors listed below associated to your account, we have canceled your teacher payment and closed your account.

– Misrepresentation of enrollments, reviews referrals
– Attempts to artificially inflate class ranking
– The characteristics of the teacher account overlap with the characteristics of student accounts enrolled in their class
– The teacher’s account is associated to networks of users exhibiting suspicious activity

For further information, please refer to our Terms of Service:


I have no idea what this means. I didn’t do anything against the rules. I literally just uploaded my courses and people came to me organically via skillshare (that’s right skillshare, you suck and don’t deserve a capital leter >:P). Which by default means if there was anything weird going on it’s because that’s a problem inherent with the platform and has nothing to do with me.

I found this later on the internet:

Another teacher got screwed by skillshare.

On top of losing well over 3000 students, they won’t pay me for the last month. Naturally, bill collectors are understanding people and will totally get that skillshare did not give me any warning. After all, everybody knows it’s completely ok to kill off someone’s livelihood over night.

Ok, enough ranting… I know it’s not helping, but it had to be said…

So what’s the future?

Well, I reached out the skillshare, and have not heard anything back yet.

So one of two things will happen – either skillshare will recognize their error and reactivate my account (not likely) or I’m screwed (thank you skillshare).

The good news is, I still have all the content you enjoy and learn from.

So I’ll be opening up my own platform where I’ll offer my courses and hopefully that will prevent people from erasing my business with a press of a button in split of a second, which will guarantee you’ll always have access to my material.

Also, this is where you’ll find all the advanced classes as I make them, because I’m not giving them to skillshare.

Expect a few days of downtime.

I’ll be posting any updates here, and hopefully my students will find it.


Please email me ( all the wonderful reviews you’ve posted on skillshare. They will be essential in rebuilding my online presence now that I have to start from scratch again…

Hopefully this will get resolved soon…

I know you guys are excited to continue learning from my courses and I’m sorry about this mess, I hope you understand that I’m no more happy about it than you….

Much love and best wishes to all of you, wish me luck..

Yours truly,