Introduction to Japanese Writing

Hey there!

After taking a little break during Xmas and New Year’s I’m back with more!

This time giving a little bit of information and background about Japanese writing. Obviously this kind of information is easily “look-up-able” but I still felt it being appropriate making a quick video about it.

There was a time where I had no idea what was going on with the alphabets there. And everyone else is / was experiencing the same at some point in their lives – Japanese people included. Nobody is born a master. Everybody is a beginner at some point.

So to make my site a bit more complete I decided to add something about the writing. But also I wanted to answer some of the typical questions like “How similar are Japanese characters close to the Chinese ones?” or “Can Chinese people read Japanese text and vice verse?”

There you go then! Please check it out and feel free to leave some feedback in the comment section bellow!

Questions are welcomed as well!

Have an awesome day!