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Japanese Language

Learn Japanese (the long game)

By on November 24, 2015

Before you dive into studying Japanese you should have some sort of a plan on how to actually proceed.

I did not have that when I started and it only resulted in years running in circles without any real progress. Talk about frustrating! Then again I was not super serious…

Japanese Language

Japanese Lesson 1: Introducing yourself

By on November 22, 2015

Hey there!

Here is my latest. Riko-chan has been helping out again, and we’re proud to present our little mini-class on introducing yourself in Japanese.

A solid first step in any language.

We’re going into quite some detail here, so no matter who is introducing themselves to you and no matter how…

Japanese Language

Top 10 Must Know Japanese Phrases

By on November 17, 2015

Hey there!

Me and Riko-chan have put together a mini-class about Top 10 Must Know Japanese Phrases.

Call it a survival Japanese! I’ve been to Japan a bunch of times and spent almost a year there.

The first time I was there I spoke just basic Japanese enough to get around plus…

Richard Heiney

Hi my name is Richard and this blog is dedicated to learning Japanese language! I will be sharing my tips & tricks, common pitfalls, cultural notes, and my experience from my travels around Japan.