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Different Ways Of Saying “I” In Japanese


Hey guys! Been a while since my last post. Sorry! ;( Been super busy. Anyway, I'm back! In this video I'll be covering different ways of saying "I"/"me" in Japanese. This is a very unique feature, one that I haven't really seen in many other languages. So join me on this 10 minute adventure! Feel free to post a comment about what are you interested in and I'll be glad to see how can I make that into a video! All the best Richard

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How to stay motivated when learning a new language?


Hey guys In this week's video I'm addressing the two most typical "reasons" why people quit or never even start learning a new language. And I understand, I was having problems of my own...I speak 4 languages and sometimes I wonder how did that happened! Well, it wasn't an accident that's for sure. I invested hours and hours on end to get there. But it wasn't always easy. In this video I will talk about what really drove me, and hopefully I'll help you figure out what drives you and how you can leverage that into a long-term joyful study [...]

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Senpai vs Sempai | Sound Changes in Japanese


Hey guys! This week I remembered when I was a beginner and there was this one thing I was confused about for years. Back then I didn't know anybody I could ask about this and my audio courses did not cover this. It is about changes in pronunciation of 'n' to 'm'. Watch this video explaining what I mean - hope it makes sense! Feel free to post any questions you may have! If you've found the video useful please like it on YouTube or become a subscriber for more! It helps a lot, thanks! All the best -R [...]

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Politeness Levels in Japanese | New course announcement


Hey guys! Another one is out! Sorry it's been so slow lately, making quality courses takes a little too much time if you ask me ٩(。•ω•。)و Nevertheless, it's done and you can check it out right here: https://www.udemy.com/comprehensive-essential-japanese-1 It inspired me to make this short video about what are all these politeness levels in Japanese you've probably heard about! Well, I'm giving a short 10 min intro into the whole thing. Hope everything will make more sense to you after watching it! And if not, be sure to let me know and I'll see about making another one! Or you [...]

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Top 10 Japanese Gestures


How's it going guys! Got a new one for you! Sorry the uploads have been slow lately. Our hands are full making our next Japanese language course and just want to get it done and have it out there! Until then we'll be continuing uploading / posting bi-weekly. In this video, as the headline says, we'll be uploading our Top 10 Japanese Gestures. Typical "Japanese" stuff you can see in real life. If you're in Japan I guess :D Let us know in the comments bellow what would you like to see next time! Please support us by liking and [...]

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Nihon VS Nippon | What is the difference? | Japanese Word Choice


Hey gang! As somebody who studies foreign languages I realize that often you encounter words of similar if not the same meaning. Sometimes the difference is more clear, sometimes less. This week I decided to make a video on the words Nihon and Nippon. Both of these words translate as "Japan" and use the same Kanji 日本. In most conversations / textbooks / etc. you'll often see Nihon. But maybe for instance the Japanese money has Nippon printed on it....huh? Why not Nihon? That's what this weeks video is about. Check it out, hope you'll find it useful! :) Please [...]

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The 4 Step Method To Mastering Kanji


Hey guys I've promised to make this video months ago, sorry it took so long, but it's finally here! In this video I am revealing how after many fails finally figured out a reliable way to study the Kanji characters. It all comes down to 4 steps. Please note that I am not saying any other way of studying is bad. I simply did not have much success with other methods - and it was not for the lack of trying. I hope that those of you who struggle with these characters, as I have, will find this method useful. [...]

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I’ll have sake! | Japanese Lesson 3: Bar


Hey there! Another free Japanese lesson is out! I wanted to do something fun so we're hitting the bars! By the end of the video you are going to know: The greeting for the evening time How bartenders/waitresses ask you what would you like How to ask if they have your favorite drink How to order your drink How to say "Cheers" in Japanese How to order a refill How to thank for the provided services I think that's a pretty jam-packed lesson! Hope you'll love it! It was fun making it! :) Please like and share to help us [...]

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Digging out the dirt! The secret history of Japanese writing | Comprehensive Hiranaga & Katakana Course (Read Bellow)


Hey there! Been a while since my last post! As I explain in the video - I was busy with Riko-chan....not like that!!! We were making a course together :P Hiragana and Katakana! We're quite proud of it, and we hope you'll love it every bit as much as we do! We've put together about 5 hours of solid comprehensive content with exact and detailed instructions on how to write these characters. Even threw in some bonus Kanji lessons to prove to you Kanji is not all that scary! The trick is to just get your feet wet! :) Please, [...]

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Introduction to Japanese Writing


Hey there! After taking a little break during Xmas and New Year's I'm back with more! This time giving a little bit of information and background about Japanese writing. Obviously this kind of information is easily "look-up-able" but I still felt it being appropriate making a quick video about it. There was a time where I had no idea what was going on with the alphabets there. And everyone else is / was experiencing the same at some point in their lives - Japanese people included. Nobody is born a master. Everybody is a beginner at some point. So to [...]

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