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Top 10 Japanese Gestures

By on April 17, 2016

How’s it going guys!

Got a new one for you!

Sorry the uploads have been slow lately. Our hands are full making our next Japanese language course and just want to get it done and have it out there!

Until then we’ll be continuing uploading / posting bi-weekly.

In this video, as the…

Japanese Entertainment Rikochan Adventure Time

Rikochan Adventure Time | The “Bad Luck Removal” Festival in Japan 2016

By on January 21, 2016

Hey there!

Our Rikochan went to a festival in nearby town – near Kyoto:
Google Maps Link

It was super cold, but Rikochan did not give up and brought us a bunch of photos and videos. I’ve compiled these into a one video I like to call “Rikochan Adventure Time”; hopefully this…

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Funny Show About Japanese Kanji

By on January 6, 2016

Hey there!

I just recently discovered this stand-up comic from America – Jason. This guy lives in Japan and apparently is pretty famous around Japan.

As you’ll see in just a few short minutes the guy is totally fluent.

This show is very famous around Japan, and it is really funny. Why…

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